Bluetooth Turns Off

Pairing not an issue; But on more than one occsasion, the Bluetooth seems to go to OFF mode, when the Sport Clip (16GB) is turned off.  I then need to go through the pairing process again. 

Also at times,  when I do turn it on,  while the BT on “ON”, Istill need to pair.   

Is this normal operating procedure?

It seems to me that the Clip would remember the BT status and the devices to which its connected.

With Respect

Hi, I’m having the same problem. In always need tot pair with my aftershokz titanium headphones after every shutdown.

Also the volume setting always goes back to default.

Another problem i notices is when you go to music folder and then another folder and play a song, when you press back, you don’t go a folder back to thé music folders, but you go way back to the main menu…Seems like the software is not working as it should… Need firmware update?

Trying a reset tomorrow. See if it Changes anything.

Am on latest firmware because i just bought it yesterday…


Have you updated your device to the latest version? Or restart the device and it would go well.