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  1. A ‘‘memory is full… delete 20M content’’ error message appears, how to fix this?
  2. Why is my SanDisk Clip Sport/Jam not recognized by the PC?
  3. What are the file types supported by SanDisk Clip Sport/Jam?
  4. How do I create playlist in the SanDisk Clip Sport/Jam?
  5. What’s the playback battery life on the SanDisk Clip Jam?

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I am confused about the differences between the Clip Sport and the Clip Jam. I read that they both use a 220 mah battery, yet the Sport is listed as having 25 hours of battery life, while the Jam is listed as having 18 hours of battery life. I would expect the Jam to have longer battery life than the Sport, as the Sport dispay is larger. What accounts for the lower battery life of the Jam? Is the Jam sound quality better than than that of the Sport, or does the Jam put out a higher maximum amount of power to its headphone jack? I have the Sport and use it with very efficient 16 ohm or 32 ohm earphones so there is more than enough power output, however I am wondering if the Jam might work better than the Sport with for example less efficient headphones that are 100 ohms?

No comments? No one here knows how the Clip Sport and Clip Jam differ internally?

I tried to find a quantitative comparison using The Google.

The best I could find is this comment by user pixelwitch in Oct 2015 at the HydrogenAudio Forum.

      “I’ve read that the two devices are based upon the same platform internally, yet the Sport boasts a much higher battery life (25 hours vs 18 hours) and the Jam a “Deep, rich sound quality”, whatever that means. Does this mean that there is some additional DSP going on to make the the Jam sound “Deep[er]” and “rich[er]”? That could explain the decreased battery life and the implicit superiority of the Jam’s output.”

at this web-link:,110300.0.html

Thanks. I saw that before. The more I think about this the more curious I get. So far I haven’t seen a good review that contrasts the difference between the two.