SanDisk Clip installing songs

I have SanDisk Clip and having a bit of trouble uploading songs.

I have MP3 songs in my download folder for a particular artist; I then create a folder for that artist on the Clip. When I copy the 4 songs onto the Clip (copy/paste) I notice only 2 of the songs go into the folder I just created for the new artist and the other 2 go into a folder called “Various Artists.” But when I connect Clip to my computer, I do not see that “Various Artist” folder. I do however see the four songs in the new album I created, even only 2 of them when I disconnect the Clip and look in that new folder.

I also copied a small image of the artist and change the description to “” - but the image does not show on the clip.

Does anyone know why only 2 songs went into the new folder and the other 2 went into a folder called “Various Artists” even though I can’t see that folder when I connect Clip to computer?

I am computer illiterate!

Thanks for any help to solve this problem.