SanDisk 2.0GB BE0708XAB - a MP3 Player with recording, FM - Not working

Hi there, I bought above model during boxing day of last year. Now Whenever I press the power(menu) button it will show Sandisk logo and then gone. It’s not started up anymore. Anybody know how to reset it?

Recently I found sometimes the battery was run off while I remember last time I use it the battery is still full. And I plug it to my laptop for charging. When I unplug it from the USB connection, it’s showing pictures the the transition is still in progress. I pressed the power(menu) button to force it off. It works a few times this way. But now the Sandisk is not working anymore. I used to press “power and volumn- and the center square” buttons to get it reset. But this time it’s not working anymore.

Thanks for your help!

I am having the same exact problem. I too was able to reset it before and now I can’t. Is there a fix? I am thinking this will be my last SanDisk product for a while since this keeps happening to me and now it seams dead all together.

It took a long time to talk with the technician and at the end I had to mail it back and have it replaced.

I’m having the same problem! When I turn on my Sandisk Mp3 player, it only gets to “Building Database” then it automatically shuts off on me. I tried deleting all my songs, try to defragment the MP3 player on my computer. And it’s still not working. Is there a possible way I can fix it? Or do I have to take it to a technician (Sansa) to get it fixed?

If your device can still be detected we can format it or you can call SanDisk hotline if your device is still under warranty :wink: