Rockbox messed up after recording with OF?

I made a few recordings using the original firmware instead of using rockbox.  Afterwards when I tried to turn my fuze V1 on, I got a message that said “file not found” for Rockbox.  And to plug USB cable or something like that.

Did using the OF"s voice recorder somehow mess up my Rockbox?  I reinstalled it and all is well.

The only way I can imagine the OF voice recorder messing up Rockbox is if the recording somehow overwrote some of RB’s system files. That shouldn’t happen unless the file allocation table got corrupted. You may not have any more trouble with it, but it would probably be safest to format the player to clean up any remaining issues with the FAT, then reinstall RB again.

I went with your suggestion to format, then reinstall Rockbox, thanks.   I didn’t format the fuze before reinstalling the first time.

Before I did that, I used the OF’s voice recorder again and just let it record for a couple of hours.  It did not do anything to Rockbox this time.  So I’m not sure what messed up Rockbox before.  Maybe my fuze is just starting to get a little glitchy sometimes.