Rockbox Doom/rockdoom

A noob/silly question.

I installed the latest rockbox for my clip zip. I used the 1st option to install it. (not manual)

I went to plugins (one I booted rockbox up, which worked) > games > doom. I go to doom.

I clip play.

It starts me off in a room with 2 zombies. then if you go forward its a corridor, then you turn right. then there is another room, then from that room you turn left. If you turn left then you will appear in a greyish blackish room.

This room has 4 grey pillers. one extra piller with computer controls in the middle. A suite of armour in in the middle aswell.

but when I dont understand is once I get to that room, is what to do??? There are no doors. Just a room full of server look’in pillers. There are door like ingravings in the wall. but they dont open.


if anyone has ever played rockdoom. Please tell me.

Probably best to ask at the Rockbox forum . . . .