Rhapsody Radio Channels

I have a question. I use my Fuze with Rhapsody and I love it. It’s very easy to add and change music to suit my ever-changing musical tastes.

My problem is this: No matter how many Rhapsody Radio Channels I add to my Fuze (and I always check to see how much space I have left) in the Rhapsody Channels guide on the Fuze it will only display a total of 20 channels. In the stats section of the Rhapsody software it will show that I have, for example 31 channels, but on the Fuze itself I can only scroll through the first 20 channels listed. Is there something I can modify on the settings of the Fuze to add more channels? I should have more than enough room to add several more channels, and I would love to do so to add more variety to my musical tastes.