Retrieving music from slotradio card

I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to get the music off of the slotradio cards onto a computer. I had purchased one of the cards in hopes that it would work with my windows mobile phone, but no luck. I understand that the card itself is formatted in such a way the music is encrypted, but if anyone knows a hack or maybe a media manager I could use it would be much appreciated.

Good luck, but I haven’t heard of anyone being able to crack the nut.

You may have a try of some music recovery software. Connect your card to a computer with such recovery software installed and then start to recover.

Here are some for your options. Both programs can recover music files and photos, videos.

For Windows, 

For Mac, 

You may unable to recover all your lost music, but the software may help you recover most of them.

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The OP was not trying to recover ‘lost’ music; he wanted to copy the music off of a SlotRadio card to his computer. Totally different situation.

The audio files on SlotRadio cards are hidden/protected behind a partition so A.) you can’t accidentally erase or format them away and B.) you can’t copy them to a different device or location as that would be illegal due to Digital Rights Management.


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