Restoring to factory settings

Hello, how do you restore a Cruzer Slice flash drive to factory settings?  I accidentally formatted it and all the files have went missing, even the standard files.  I am not bothered about my files, I just want all the factory files that are on it from standard.  Thanks.

" I accidentally formatted it"

“accidentally”!!  Really!!  How does one “accidentally” format a drive?

all the files have went missing

That is what formatting does.

Without knowing what was on it originally it’s hard to suggest how to reload them.

Well when I first got my flash drive it had a few factory folders in it, stuff from the letter A to Z. Dll files and stuff. I need the original factory folders again. I mix music on Pioneer decks, I bought this flash drive to put music onto it, so I can use the flash drive to play tracks from to my Pioneers. The flash drive was also used to record my mixes on from my Pioneers. The Pioneer decks tells me I have no Flash drive fitted, when I plug in the flash drive. It’s not picking it up now all the original files are missing. The Pioneer programme I have on my pc does not pick up my flash drive anymore since the original files on the flash drive have been lost after formatting it. Any help would be great as it’s usless to me at the moment. It’s my only flash drive I have. Thanks

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Oh and when I put the flash drive into my pc it used to looks red on the E drive telling me it was a Sandisk flash drive. Thats now gone, it’s not red looking anymore.

Anyone help? I am going to have to buy another one so I can copy all the files from

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" I need the original factory folders again."

I seriously doubt the factory files will help you get your original files back or help your pc or Pioneer see the drive at this point.  And if the pc can’t see the drive you won’t be able to reload the original factory files onto it.

BTW I think your original files were the SanDisk SecureAccess system. 3 folders and a couple of files I believe, all of which could have been deleted without reformating.  The SecureAccess files can be loaded from SanDisk, try this link:

But I think you’re going to need to buy a new USB drive to resolve your problems.

Good luck.

My fault, I should have said my PC is picking the USB drive up fine. I can put files onto it. My Pioneer programme is no longer picking it up and neither is my Pioneer decks. I bought this USB stick for my Pioneer decks only. I must have removed a factory file from the Sandisk that worked with my Pioneer. I will buy another one and pinch all the files from that, and put those on my old Sandisk. I think I will try formatting it again, I only done a quick formatt last time. I will do a full one. Thanks

there is nothing on the drive from the factory that would make it work with your pioneer deck. More than likely when yo0u formatted it you changed the file system and the pioneer decks cant read it. Try reformatting in FAT32 if it is not in that already and see if that works. 

How do you format it from one to the other. Fat32 would be better for my Pioneer setup. Thanks

How do you format it from one to the other.”

:dizzy_face:!!  The same way you did it initially.  Remember “I accidentlly formated it”?

What format did you “accidently” format it too?

Question: I format my drive to FAT32 and now my player wont pick it up can i format it back to what it was before? 

It started out as FAT32. Can you change it back to the exact way it came from the factory? No.

I was able to make usb drive work in other appliances.

download easyus soft
delete all partitions

create a new as MBR
type as Primary
create a new partition fat32  with default settings

delete all partitions

Factory fresh flash drives don’t have partitions.

create a new as MBR

Factory fresh flash drives don’t have MBR records.  They are formatted as Super Floppies.

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Yeah, really, kid.

@markmk #Message1

Download and install Club Sandisk for USB Flash Drives. This will restore your USB Flash Drive contents (partially)
Club SanDisk For USB Flash Drives

Then you can make a folder named as “SanDisk SecureAccess 2.0” and download the appropriate setup file into that folder:

After executing the file, a new folder will be automatically created, called “SanDiskSecureAccess Vault” with its specific icon, and all the encrypted files will be stored in it.

These two steps restore the (original) factory settings/configuration on your SanDisk Blade Cruzer

These two steps restore the (original) factory settings/configuration on your SanDisk Blade Cruzer

No, they will not.  They will simply reinstall the two SanDisk apps.  They will not reformat the flash drive.  If you don’t believe me, format your flash drive as NTFS.  Follow your steps.  Let us know what format the drive is when you’re done.

That’s what markmik asks actually.

And if you can read on :

“If you accidentally formatted the drive, click the button below”. So, in this case “accidentally formatting” means, the person who formatted the drive did not know SanDisk icon would disappear, together with Secure Access, and then that it wouldn’t be too easy to “reload” those files onto the drive.

And instead of trying to find mistakes or impossible actions in topic titles or the question, I would try to understand what people need, if you really want to help. It just would be quite adequate to try to understand what people want to tell. No one knows everything. Just if you can do things right, what you should do right; it would be already good.

And did you click on the link you espouse to be a solution to “accidently formating”?  Does it bring you to an app to reformat the drive back to original manufactured state?  No, it simply brings you to a link to download Club Sandisk, with no mention of another standard app named SecureAccess.

But your posting does attempt to include SecureAccess so the user will have most of the factory configuration originally on the drive. 

Of course he will have waited almost 2 years to get your answer. :smileyvery-happy:

Yes, I clicked on the link. And yes, I’m sure it’s the solution asked by markmik.

“I need the original factory folders again.”, said marmik.

2 years, because I’ve just read the topic. Instead of laughing and bullying and so on, I’ve placed the answer for who still needs that kind of solution. You are already 4 years active in at least 1 forum, and I guess you even don’t know this has nothing to do with the Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon. Furthermore, in forums like this, problems are discussed which mostly concern more people having similar problem.

I also formatted my flash drive because my files became unrecoverable as it had been infected by a virus of highly dangerous threat type. When I coulnd’t find the original SanDisk files stored on my FlashDrive, I began to search for “SanDisk Factory state”, “SanDisk restore factory settings”, and so on, and I liked the title “Restoring to factory settings” as I thought there was a similar problem and there would be people who within two years must’ve  found some solution. I saw some idiot answers instead. Well, I’ve found the solution on my own and wanted to try to help other people having the same problem in the future, or in the far future, who knows?

Huge things change within two years on our planet. Things develop, become mostly better (that’s the objective), smarter, like people as well. Your style is still the one from 500 B.C.