Restoring Data from Windows 7 to Windows 8 with Sandisk Ultra Backup 32GB?

Hi all I wonder if anyone can advise?

My laptop recently died. It had Windows 7.

I have ordered a new one, but it will have Windows 8 preinstalled on it.

I backed up my data shortly before the Windows 7 laptop died. I think the software used to be called U3 launchpad, but sometime ago it was replaced with something called YuuWaa.

So I backed up the data, desktop etc to the Sandisk USB stick using this YuuWaa. IE to the usb only, I have never used their online storage option.

I have not being able to find any information so far re this question: ‘How do you restore data etc that was backed up using Windows 7 computer and restore it to a Windows 8 computer?’

Can anyone advise? Many Thanks

The forum is having edit problems.  See my reply here:

Hi moonshine72, were you able to retrieve your files through U3 on a Windows 8? <img src=“\_smiley-happy.gif”/>