Replay Gain Zip Clip

I know this has been covered before, but I can’t get my Zip Clip to recognize track volume for Replay Gain.  I’ve used Foobar and Media Monkey to tag Mp3 and Flac files, and the player just doesn’t recognize the tags.

I’ve followed all of the instructions.  Has the Replay Gain function been removed?  I have it in the system menu still.

Let me fill in some details. 

After I couldn’t get the player to recognize track volume levels (by going into info, etc.), I restored the player.  Made no difference.

I originally tagged volume levels with Media Monkey and again with Foobar.  No difference.

I tried it with songs on the internal drive and the external.  No difference.

I tried it with replay gain set to Album and Song.  No difference.

I tried it with pre-gain set on multiple levels from 0 to 12.  No difference.

What am I missing?  Any help would be appreciated even if only to say, it doens’t work.  Thanks for looking.

Is your firmware up-to-date?

Yep, up to date.  After I did a restore, I made sure to update.  I’m at 21 (if I remember correctly).

Do the files have working replaygain when used with other devices?

Both foobar and media monkey recognize the playbask values.