Replay Gain???

Okay… I’ve had the Clip Jam for about five days now. I love it, but have one annoying issue…

The Replay Gain function doesn’t appear to work.

I tried adding APE tags with MP3Gain data, to set the target volume of albums at 95.0dB. This didn’t work. I wondered if the Clip Jam can read APE tags at all. I removed the APE tags, leaving the ID3 tags intact on each file.

I then used a few different programs to add Replay Gain data (default 89.0dB) directly into the ID3 tags. I figured I could boost the loudness to 95.0dB on the player, by setting the player’s Replay Gain Pre-Amp to +6dB.

I used MediaMonkey, MusicBee, and then some ancient program called QuuxPlayer… They all did much the same analysis, and wrote much the same Replay Gain data into the ID3 tags.

I’ve loaded a sample of various tracks, tagged via various programs, onto the Clip Jam. Activating Replay Gain makes no difference at all. Newer louder albums still sound a bit too loud. Older quieter albums still sound too quiet. There’s no difference whatsoever; the Clip Jam just isn’t reading the Replay Gain data!!!

I’m not entirely clueless with technology. I’ve used tag editors like MP3Diags and MP3Tag to view/delete/copy/tweak the tag data.

Has anybody else had this issue?

I’m using the latest firmware, with the region set to North America, and system volume set to “High” (and changing the system volume to “Normal” doesn’t trigger the Replay Gain to work either).

Should the Replay Gain data be set within v1.0 ID3 tags, instead of v2.0???.. I’ve just considered this, while typing this post.

It’s kind of crazy that I’ve had generic-branded super-cheap players in the past, which read MP3Gain APE tags with no issue.

What am I doing wrong??? They’re all LAME-encoded VBR4 MP3 files.

I’ve been trying to resolve this issue for the last three evenings - and I’m tired of trying to find a solution now.