Rename a File's name in Sansa Clip+

Why i can not rename a file or folder’s name in Sansa clip+.???

It is so big problem in Sansa.

I should rename my file’s name  before connecting to computer to transfer.


I don’t think I understand your problem.  You can hook your Clip up to a computer and edit files & folders on it - I edit the folder structure (including renaming if necessary), on my Clip+ nearly every time I transfer new music to it. 

Try to explain again what you want to do. 

Please Create a folder in your Clip+  then try to rename it.

yes i know it shows the name in computer but in clip+ shows “NEWFOLDR”

There are some who have ‘naming’ problems when using MTP mode. In fact, sometimes this mode will re-name them to something totally different from what they originally were. I’d try formatting your player, which will erase all content, switch to MSC mode (Settings > System Settings > USB Mode) and re-transfer your files back. You should be able to name them whatever you want.

I have no issue in renaming folders and files on my Clips, when connected to my computer.  I connect via MSC USB mode.