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Refreshing after recharging takes 5 - 10 minutes, is this normal. And when it’s finished, the Clip+ does not return to the place where I was listening to a song. This is unsatisfactory because then every time I charge it I have to go find where I left off, and I have some 1100 songs on the Clip+. Is there a fix for this, or must I always have to take time to find my place, is there a bookmark function?? Taking it back to Best Buy is a last resort, but I don’t want to. Thanks

The database refresh time is dependent upon several factors.

If you have a lareg number of files, or a large capacity filled, it naturally takes longer.  Some shortcuts I’ve seen are optimizing the File Allocation Table via the resident “format” command (on the Sansa), making 32KB allocation clusters- an optimized FAT is easier in terms of processor overhead.  Windows has a habit of using 4KB, making for a huge FAT.

Also, running through your album art and ID3 tags via MP3Tag helps.  If your ID3 tags are “clean”, the Sansa is happy.

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But does the sansa clip+ refreshes the database after charging on a pc even if i dont add or delete mp3’s on it?

The database refresh happens after disconnect, if the device is mounted in MSC mode.  This can be avoided if MTP mode is used, as no database refresh occurs unless a file is accessed or transferred.

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But does the sansa clip+ refreshes the database after charging on a pc even if i dont add or delete mp3’s on it?

This is kind of hit or miss.  In general, you shouldn’t have to refresh unless you add/modifiy content or eject the card. However, anytime I connect to my PC it will have to refresh.  I think it has something to do with software running on my computer (maybe anitvirus?). I notice the player always briefly says “Writing” when I first connect it, so somthing on the PC is writing to it.  Others users have posted that they can connect to a PC without having to refresh.

One way around it is to use a USB wall charger for charging and only connect to the PC to manage the content.  This is what I do and it has a few benefits.  Wall chargers can ofter recharge a little faster as they usually supply more power than a PC’s USB port.  Also, you don’t have to leave your PC on for hours just to charge your player.  And of course the wall charger is handy if you are travelling without your PC.

Another option is to connect the USB cable to the PC in such a way that the power pins are connected, but the data pins are not.  Usually, you can do this by only inserting the USB cable part way into the PC.  The power pins are longer than the data pins, so they will make contact first.  Alternatively, you can disable the inner two pins with some tape (the outer two pins are power, the inner two are data).

yeah i know the tape trick, but i asked because i had a normal clip, not a + one some months ago, and it didnt refreshed if i only conected it to ccharge it, and i always used it on MSC

i just tested my new 4gb clip plus, i use a 16gb microsd card only to store mp3, my internal memory is empty, and i can charge it on my pc and it only refreshes its database on disconection from the pc if i add or remove mp3 from the microsd, (even tho it says writing like you said when i first connect it to the pc) (i use msc)

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Yes, I set it at MTP mode, and even after battery recharge, it retains my place and does not refresh…as long as I do not add or change anything on the Clip*

How fast is it if you run everything through MP3tag? I was thinking of getting one but I dont want to mess with slow bootup and refresh times, thats like having mini computer around just to listen to music. Sometimes my car ride is only 5-10minutes so i dont want to sit there listening to nothing just because the MP3 player needs to refresh on powerup.

Is there a MP3 player that doesnt use those MP3 tags and album art? I really dont need that junk, I’d be happy with text based lists and no images, all I want is a bloody mp3 player not a video/image studio.

Just to be clear:  the refresh does not occur when you just are turning your player on.  And the player starts up within a few seconds.  And so it would seem to meet your needs.  The refresh occurs when you add or subtract files from the internal or external memory.   And with a 4gb Clip+ with a 4gb memory card, the refresh for me was just over a minute.