"Refreshing Database" taking 10 minutes plus?!


I’ve got all my music on a 16gb Micro SD (SanDisk class 4) and every time I add ONE mp3 file to the memory card… it takes an average of 10 minutes, maybe 15 to refresh the media library…

Is this normal?

Seem like an unusualy long time to me…

Depending on the total number of tracks it must read during it’s database refresh yes, that could be normal.

Just about to try and delete unneccessary tag data etc…

After I’ve done this, the only thingI can think of would be maybe using a faster class of SD card?

Would a higher speed card make much difference or is it the Sansa CLip hardware that’s taking its time?

As far as I’m aware, the card class only affects the time to transfer to/from the card, not the Clip’s reading of it.

I’ve just deleted ALL the unneccessary ID3 tag data so it ONLY has the vital info and one ID3 2.3 tag per track.

Transfering them over to a “Music” directory but in no folders themselves… maybe the folders were slowing it down somewhat…

Right. Using Mp3Tag I tagged everything with the bare minimum… no change.

I placed all my mp3’s in one folder in the root of the SD called "music. No change. If anything it’s worse!

2500 tracks on a 16gb Sandisk Class 4 leaves with with 1gb space left. And it’s painfully slow.

What programs are everyone using to tag their MP3 and with what settings?

It’s currently about 25% done "refreshing and I have 5 minutes o the clock… this seems pretty wrong/incorrect to me.

FWIW DB refresh on my 16GB card takes so long i don’t think I’ve ever bothered to let it finish.  I usually just pop the card out after adding files (and don’t use the sandisk firmware).

Can somebody help me with this. I used my standard Itunes tagged, mp3 files, filled up my 16gb SD and the card took 20mins (approx) to refresh.

I used MP3Tag and deleted loads of the tag data hoping this would speed up the search and also placed all the mp3’s in a single folder called “music” now the card takes wayyy over an hour to refresh? Exact same number of tracks, same bitrate, size etc… just less tag data?

Very confused… What have people found the best results with in tersm of tagging Mp3’s etc? and where they are placedin the memory card?


This is mad aha. I formatted the memory card again, Let the Clip create the “MUSI” “UDIOBOOK” and “PODCAST” folders. then inside the "MUSIC"folder I created 26 folder A-Z.

Before adding my “A” artist I dragged them into MP3TAG and just added the missing info but left all the files that had ID3 v1.1 AND ID3v2.3 as they were.

Now 2500 songs (15gb out of 16gb) refreshes in around 5 Minutes… So clearly re-tagging EVERYTHING with less info does nothing. It seems to have more to do with the folder sorting…

Just a note to anyone experiencing similar issues. Try formatting the card. Then copying your music over by letter into the appropriate “A”, “B”, “C” folders etc. But run each letter through MP3 tag to avoid any “Uknown” metadata.

Glad you found a solution.