Recording directly to micro SDHC card

I bought a 32 GB micro SDHC card for my 8 GB Sansa Clip device in the hope of greatly extending the number of hours I can record voice (putting aside limitations of battery and 2 GB file size). How do I get the device to record to the card? It fills up the 8 GB internal memory and will not continue to record.

The stock firmware won’t let you record to the microSD card. Period.

But Rockbox may have that option.

Thank you so much for the reply.

I tried looking into Rockbox, but I am just a biologist and this is a little beyond me!

I would really like to contact somebody who knows the capabilities of Rockbox and might be able to assist me.

Rockbox may seem a bit daunting at first, but it really is just fine for mere mortals (and biologists).

Best bet is:  download the manual (or access it online) and skim through it, just noting the portions that are more important to you.  And at the beginning of the manual, there is a step-by-step guide for installation–easy to follow, and which can be done in an automated fashion.

Just to add to what has already been posted, the ability to add on additional themes is a big plus for many people when they choose to install Rockbox on their clip+.

You can take a look at them at this link.  There are alot of them.  Some offer larger fonts and some will show the time and date.

The manual and instructions for installation can seem daunting, but using the automatic installer will make it quite esay.  Just be sure to have a copy of the current firmware and in a location where you can easily tell the automatic installer where to find it.  Like on your desktop.

A word of caution.  Installing Rockbox may permanently remove the player’s ability to play protected and/or subscription content and will void the warranty.