8GB Sandisk SDHC

Hello knowledgable people…

I bought a Sandisk memory card at the same time as the Clip+  (before receiving it), I was intially going to buy the 16GB card… I basically ended up hedging my bets costwise, thinking I could buy an 8GB now and another one later on, should I require it…

that thinking may now prove to have been naive - so I will continue…

I still have around 3.75 GB unused on the player itself, though I am now unable to access those mp3 files previously loaded to the player when connected to my PC (I am thinking that Rockbox has glitched) and had the idea of transferring the files from the player across to the memory card to allow reformat of said player…

I took the card out of the box this evening and suddenly realised that if I inserted the card, getting the card out might be a whole world of trouble - as there are no eject functions on the Clip itself… Putting an irretrievable blank memory card into the player would be the last thing I would want to happen.

So, my questions, in order of relevance…

1/ Once inserted, can you remove the micro sdhc again - or is it a permanent add on which requires preloading?

2/ If it is removable, is it possible to directly transfer (cut 'n paste) all music files/folders from within Rockbox to the card  ?



The card slot (on all Sansa players and most other devices like cameras, etc.) has a push-push latching mechanism. When you insert it, you will hear 2 faint clicks as it grabs and locks the card into place. To remove it, you simply push it in again to unlock it (you may have to use a finger or thumbnail to push it in past the casing to where it will release). Again, you will hear the 2 faint clicks. Be careful though, as the mechanism is spring-loaded and unless you keep your finger on it, it can send the little bugger flying across the room.

As far as transferring files directly from the internal memory to the card (or vice-versa) from within Rockbox itself, it seems to me someone once said this is possible though I have never done it. It might be easier just to copy the files to your computer and then back to the other location.

Thankyou for your advice on inserting/removing memory card  :smiley: …

The reason for my second question re transferral direct to SDHC card is…

Had a nightmare getting the device to mount in Windows  the other day (following PC re-install) and now my music files no longer display in Windows… My external hard drive still mounts properly; although the icon has reverted to the grey generic type, as has the Clip icon. 

Also, when I now mount via supplied USB cable, there appears to be a longer pause than usual and then 2 external drives appear - the Clip+ and an (F) drive!  The file structure of the Clip has unexpectedly changed; including inclusion of an empty, and previously undisplayed, Rockbox folder.

No music data appears on either drive, however when the properties of the Clip+ drive are examined in Windows, 3.75GB of space is reported as used (the total size of my music files). F shows 0kb, nor is there any file structure or data behind it either whatsover, it appears to exist purely an icon/artefact - which does nothing when clicked. I assume that 2 drives displaying simultaneously is somehow related to the dual boot function?

 The player no longer mounts in Auto Detect - though it does beep a few seconds after connection, indicating an external USB device has been recognised and sometimes a windows device error message appears, along with icon on the bottom toolbar - this icon displays no info / autofix options when clicked.

The device is totally unrecognised in MTP and I am only able to view the very limited  file structure in MSC mode - the Clip was set to Autodect when I checked, after I first encountered the mounting issues, so this was probably the setting used during mp3 file transfer from PC to Clip. 

I suspect either the USB cable is faulty (ordered a spare last night), or ither Rockbox has glitched. With no access to my mp3’s  via PC, I was hoping to retrieve the files and their folder structures via transfer onto memory card (and then reformat the player)… hence the second question. 

Have you any further ideas/suggestions please?


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