Record Duration

When using the microphone to record conversation the recording always stops after around 2 hours. The recorded file size is around 75MB, so disk space is not a problem. Why would it stop recording eventhough I have so much space left?

I never really use the mic, but have you tried updating the firmware?  Sounds like a software limitation to me.

Yes, even with the newest update I have the same limitation.

Looks like a firmware limitation to me.  Best thing you can do is occasionally stop the recording and start a new one to keep it from hitting 2 hours.  I think it was designed with quick voice notes and the like in mind, not so much for multi-hour recordings.

I am happy to have moved on to Samsung YP-U3. No nonsense limitations like these anymore with double the capacity and mp3 recording.  

I got the same problem, really sad
Good luck, buddy

Wow, I am replying to my original message after 16 months. It is nice to see that this limitation was addressed with a firmware during the last year. Not that it is useful for me anymore…