Voice Recording: Maximum Length / Will Auto-Power-Off stop recording?

Deal fellow Sansa owners,

I have a 2GB Sansa Clip.

Is there a maximum length of time that the Sansa can record up to?

(Or to put it another way, if I have 2 fully-cleared out 2GB Sansa Clip, does this mean that I can record up a voice recording up to 2GB  in size?)

Will Auto-Power-Off get in the way of recording a very long voice recording?

We are planning on using the Sansa Clip to record a face-to-face interview. 

I did a little experiment. I started recording and placed the Sansa Clip on my shirt. After 3 hours and 45 minutes, the clip was still recording. The wav file was about 600 mb in size. I’m guessing that the size is limited simply to free space (2GB max).

Fortunately, my Clip’s Auto-Power-Off function did not stop the recording.

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No time limit, worked well for a meeting for me. In fact I was able to understand a speaker who was talking so softly I had trouble hearing live. I also have an Olympus dedicated digital recorder. This is more convenient, is voice actuated and easier to turn on and off etc., but had I had the clip at the time I certainly wouldn’t have bothered to purchase the Olympus. Strangely, the Olympus is rated for some un-godly number of hours of recording at it’s lowest fidelity setting, but the 2 AA’s would need to be replaced a couple of times during the session!


thanks for your input.

In my experiment, I clipped the Sansa Clip onto my shirt. At times, the other party’s voice was heard more clearly than my own.

I observed that when the Sansa Clip is moving on the shirt, a loud sound drowns out any voice. THe person wearing the Clip must not move too much.

I’ll try next time to put the Sansa Clip on the center of a table  between 2 people and see if this is better.

Just touching the unit during record will be picked up. I left the unit on a table.