m250 - how many hours of voice recording?

I’m going to be recording severals hours of lectures this weekend, and I’m wondering how long the voice recorder on the m250 will last before it fills up the 2GB?  I can’t find anything in the specs to show the total amount of recording time it can hold.  Thanks.

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Do you happen to know which version of the m200 you have? (If you scroll down to information, it should list “Version”, then a number next to it). Depending on the firmware or version, it may differ.

From my testing, versions 1-3 will hold roughly 72.8177 hours of recording per GB @ 32kbps bitrate. I am in the process of testing a version 4 player now, but I expect the bitrate and recording time per GB to be the same. One thing to keep in mind, is that while capacity wise, it can hold 72~ hours per GB, it may not record that much in one session.

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Thanks for the info.  I’ve got a m250 (2GB) with version 2.2.5a.  I only need to record about 10 or 12 hours, so as long as it’ll do that, I’ll be happy. 

I managed to get 14 hours and 23 minutes in one file in one recording on a 2.2.5. I didn’t listen to the whole recording, but thats what I got for total length.

I’d recommend having an extra battery as well as doing several recordings every couple of hours just to be sure.