Readycache as page file drive, best setting for trim? win 10 64bit

Repurposing the drive as a page file/scratch disk I’m wondering if its better to simply allocate the entire drive as a page file or to simply windows manage the size because some unallocated space would give trim something to work with?

Does windows mark blocks within page files as unallocated so trim can work?

I do have additional concern because in windows 10 the drive exhibits some strange behavior where files deleted does not free space at times until one disable/enables the drive in drive management to get the correct free space to be reported.

Further check only shows no support for trim?

force trim doesn’t seem to work either

Is there a sandisk utility which works on this drive?

I guess my links got my post deleted.

I used trimcheck to verify trim function on the drive, which failed

Forcetrim utility to attempt to force the situation for a detection, didn’t work either.

and before anyone brings up the command line deletenotify whatever, it only tells you if the os supports trim.

finally found this tab again, so late update.

page file use doesn’t work, latency quickly reaches hundreds of ms for writes and reads in performance manager, the drive cannot handle random read/write loads without horrific latency, will slow down your system severely.