Using ReadyCache to hold the page file

Hi.  This is my first posting here, so please bear with me.

I recently bought 2 ReadyCache drives to put into my 2 pc’s.  However one of them is still running Windows XP.  So I had the idea of installing the spare into my Windows 7 machine, formatting it NTFS, setting it as drive Z:, and using it to hold the page file.  I also made sure to turn off automatic defragmentation and indexing on the drive.

I therefore turned off the page file on my other drives and set up the second ReadyCache to be the only drive for it.  At first I set it so that all of the space was allocated, but I kept getting messages about low free space on the drive.  I therefore told Windows to manage the amount of space used.  Everything is now working well and I have noticed a definite improvement when using my machine to render video and other such high data usage programs.

Hope this is useful.


I am already using some time a partition for the pagefile. It’s really useful because when I have forgotten something, several web pages, movie, game, as is the long standing, the process moves to the pagefile, not to be occupying the ram and how the pagefile is on ssd is almost instantaneous to resume, while a hard disk have some blockages and stress mix to return to the process.


In this case I am using windows 8, and as I have 8gb ram, the page file is 2GB  minimum and 4GB maximum then I formatted the ssd with 4.8GB and the rest of the 25gb for caching.


The only thing I have to do for this to work is define the space I want to use and leave this space without partition and then reinstall the program ExpressCache and voila!