Ready for new firmware

2007 is winding down.  Let’s get the update already.

They do seem to be taking their precious time… Hope it’s worth it!!!

(Confirmed By Customer Care)

Video Playback (Probably MPEG-4 Simple Profile Or Advanced Simple Profile.)

MicroSD/HC Read/Write Support

AAC Playback

Anyone else know anything?

Audible Support???

Access to all of YMU???

Ability To Purchase Directly On To Device???

Conversion Of All Yahoo Music Services To Rhapsody or Napster??? (I Wish!!!)

Rhapsody DNA DRM Option??? (I Wish!!!)

Ability To Bypass WiFi Usage EULA’s @ Free HotSpots???

Ability To Wirelessly Synchronize Music Libraries???

UPnP A/V Client With MSDRM Support???

Manual SSID/WEP Input???

Just My Wishful Thinking…

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I wonder if they are waiting to see what shakes out with Yahoo Music.  With the rumors of a down-sizing and the new internet radio fees, there could be changes that need to be made.  Let’s also not soon forget that Zing was acquired by Dell and we don’t know what Dell’s plans are for the technology nor whether they will continue to allow Sandisk to use it do we?

So anyway, all this being said I am willing to give them a pass on the firmware upgrade if for no other reason because I am stoked about video playback.

Video playback is kind of a yawn for me.  It’s an awfully small screen, I’m not going to be buying episodes of “The Office” for $1.99  each only to watch them maybe four times before all the funny runs out. 

At best, I’d like to see them integrate the Connect further with Yahoo Music and allow us to access the Yahoo Video channels.  That’d be good for a chuckle, and I wouldn’t have to use of my limited RAM with videos that I’ll never watch again.

This Yahoo Music shakedown sure seems like it’ll screw us up.  Are they waiting to see what happens?  Do they know what’s going to happen?  Are we all about to become Rhapsody customers?  Then there’ll be a firmware update for SURE!

What would be nice is a press release of some sort from Sandisk telling Connect users what’s the dilly.  I’d like to assume that Sandisk doesn’t even know at this point, but that $100 price drop is pretty damned conspicuous.

I don’t know, but I do wish somebody from Sandisk would issue some kinda of release or reasurance on the future of the Sansa Connect in relation to YMU. Something’s gotta be happening @ Yahoo… I’m sure that Yahoo would notify Sandisk well in advance of such a service change. I can’t imagine them not doing it… Oh wait… yes I can… Wouldn’t that suck if Sandisk/Zing went through all that trouble enhancing YMU’s subscription integration with the Connect, just to pull the plug on it???

Nah, but seriously, if YMU does go under and unless Real pissed off Sandisk or vice-versa, in some weird way with the e200R series, I would ultimately like the device to go the Rhapsody route.

I feel more secure with Rhapsody’s existance than YMU’s. As I’ve said before, RealNetworks has more at stake in being a digital media content solutions provider. From DRM/codec to server/client. They have more at stake and MTV/Verizon joining them, just pushed the certainty of their existance up, atleast for a little while.

Maybe I ain’t hooked up right, but I found the Connect / YMU combo to be nothing short of amazing.  I can’t really understand how such a thing hasn’t fiercely caught on.  Although the firmware sucks a little, still, I can almost have any song I want delivered right to my player, literally on a whim.  That has got to be the future.  Now who’s going to serve it up?

Have you checked out Slacker?  That’s a similarly great idea that also seems to be having trouble getting off the ground.

Spiral Frog?  Seems too good to be true, which makes me think they won’t be around long.  Maybe they’re going to be around just long enough to take out YMU.

Simple as it is, I think the Connect/YMU concept is a little bit ahead of its time.  Of course, there is the very slight chance that YMU will in fact only be restructured, and all us “To Go” users will come out of this just fi…

Sorry.  Couldn’t type it with a straight face.

Well, Apple has faith that they can get people to purchase any and every song from the iTunes Music Library via Wi-Fi, directly onto the iPod Touch and iPhone, so I don’t consider the Sansa Connect too too far ahead… Apple usually doesn’t do something like this without having some shread of confidence that it’ll work in the long term… But then again, there’s Apple TV. But even it isn’t finished yet…

Apple may help the Connect and Zune, by establishing end user understanding about these capabilities. I can’t believe Microsoft let Apple beat them again, though!!! Zune Marketplace subscription downloading and purchasing should’ve already been integrated into the Zune Wi-Fi implementation, by now… It ridiculous that Microsoft let Apple push ahead of them with their Wi-Fi music initiative. I’m sure they will rectify the situation with Zune 2.0 and firmware update 1.5… Even more-so now, since Apple’s int he Wi-Fi music mix.

The Sony Mylo Personal Communicator had the abiliy to stream purchased ATRAC3 songs from Sony CONNECT, from one Mylo to another… Unfortunately, this does not work with the MSDRM portion of the Mylo and was/is limited to the 1GB internel memory, there-in.

I’m sure the PSP will be next. With Sony CONNECT closing and since I’m sure Sony is still intent on music downloads (CONNECT is only closing because of Sony’s DRM/format is not being used anymore in the states), I’m sure we’ll see something cool soon, on that front too… The PSP is just as capable as the iPod Touch, Connect or Zune. DO NOT DISCREDIT IT… It only takes Sony ALOT of time… But we’ll see something there, aswell… I promise…

FYI, here is a link to Cnet talking about Yahoo Music and the Connect:

I have no doubt that Apple will do really well with wireless iTunes.  I also have little doubt that people will rave about what a super-smart idea it was.  Some still will claim how Apple kicks so much ass because nobody else thought of this.

If the Zone connected wirelessly to the Zune store right out of the box, then I’d probably get one as soon as I officially found out that I’m screwed on this YMU deal.  I’d use the money from the class action suit against Sandisk and Yahoo to pay for it.  I’d miss the smaller size of the Connect, though.  If it doesn’t connect wirelessly to the Zune store - well then Microsoft really doesn’t get it, do they?  Maybe they’ll play catch-up in a firmware update someday, but will have lost much ground in the meantime.

When it was first launched, the Connect was definitely ahead of its time.  No one else was offering wireless access to millions of songs on an all-you-can-eat basis, and they still aren’t.  Apples iTunes/iPhone ad says “Millions of songs in your pocket” … at a buck a piece, hmm… let me see if I can do the math on that.  Yeah, Jobs IS a genius.

Since Sony isn’t a big name in the MP3 player market, I don’t know how well they’d be received jumping in so late in the game.  I’m sure they can put together a decent product, but I doubt they’ll be skipping to the head of the line with it.

I agree… Sony won’t be jumping to the head of the line… They have alot of consumer trust to gain back, since they abandoned basically every DAP product they’ve ever shipped in the last 5 years, except the Mylo & PSP, when they chose to abandon CONNECT. Sony has an up hill battle on it’s hands… BUT, it does have the PSP and the PlayStation brand recognition associated with it… Though alot of people don’t always see it as a DAP, it is probably the most flexible/powerful device they’ve ever shipped.

Well Sandisk can rest easy, cause I’m not getting a iPhone or iPod Touch or Classic or Nano… It isn’t worth my money. I would rather buy a Zune, then own an iPod, if not a Sansa Connect rev 2. Jobs isn’t dumb. He (unfortunately) tends to be very smart, but it’s almost always in his favor. " $100 iPhone credit that can only be used at the Apple Store!!!". I watch the Keynotes in Quicktime and I “ooh” and “ahh”, but after the shows done I think… “Steve Jobs could sell toilet paper for $299.99, if he thought someone would buy it!” I only like Apple’s operating system and SOMETIMES the design of it’s computers. That’s it!!!

I think Apple is loosing it’s edge. I don’t think they can continue to maintain it’s DAP momentum for too much longer… Yeah Yeah, people have been predicting this for years, but all good things must come to an end. Apple’s 4-5 year run may be coming fairly soon… IF ALL labels go DRM-Free, I think it’ll hurt Apple immensly. They loose their FairPlay/iPod lock-in. Plus, Universal Music who own 25% of all music available, chose to lock-out iTunes with DRM-Free tracks… It shouldn’t hurt iPod users too much… Go into Rhapsody or use Wal-Mart Music Downloads, purchase a MP3 labeled track, import the file into iTunes and drag it to iPod.

I think this holiday season, people may begin to see Sansa’s, Zune’s and Zens…