I spoke with support

They mentioned that a new firmware should be coming out in Q4 2007 (that is before the end of December 2007) that will make the connect work with other services wirelessly. He eluded to Rhapsody - but wouldn’t confirm it - just said that I shouldn’t worry if Yahoo dies, they’re taking care of things on their end.

So Hopefully he wasn’t blowing smoke!

In the mean time I’m using this with yahoo to go, and it’s amazing!

Sorry but much smoke blowing going on here.

The Connect is still only designed for Yahoo! and there are no current changes being made otherwise.

SanDisk will have a firmware update release shortly. I anticipate it will be released within a month. Notes on the added features will be posted soon. I can state that this release will not include any changes to the content service provider. The WiFi support will still use the Yahoo! Music Unlimited To Go service.

If you own a SanDisk Sansa Connect, you can sign up for Yahoo! Music Unlimited To Go at the URL below.


I’m just stating what the support guy told me. Said they’ll be adding more providers. And let’s face it - yahoo is clearly dropping the ball. If I were sandisk I’d want a partner who will sell the product - not one who makes all my customers nervous and discourages anybody from signing up. To-Go was losing Yahoo money, and now the last part of stamping out the money loss is convincing people not to get the sansa connect. On a different note - any news on the catalog search feaure that Yahoo’s been promising?

I would believe that SanDisk is ahead of the game on this one.  Just this week Yahoo’s CEO said they will get away from Subscription based music and emphasize Ad-supported music models.  For NOW Yahoo To Go exists but I guarantee no one knows where that will be 6 months from now.  Sandisk likely has agreements with Yahoo that Yahoo is forced to honor but once those agreements are up, you have to believe that Sandisk will be ready for “Plan B”.

It would haft to be Napster or Rhapsody… They’re the only services that have any semblance of a future for “To-Go”.

Napster released version 4.0 of their software this week, so they’re still in the game.

Rhapsody has MTV and Verizon, so they’re gonna be in the game for quite sometime to come.

Seriously, there aren’t that many more PlayForSure “To-Go” providers left… Altleast not ones that match the investments made by the 2 above services.

I believe just about whole-heartedly that Yahoo is not going to focus on music as much as it has in the past.

They may have it in em for one more push, but that’ll only be for DRM-Free content… Otherwise I don’t think they wish to persue it as much…

The sad part of it all is that they bought MusicMatch, barely did anything with it… Created their own app basically from scratch and discontinued the original program, people liked… And Yahoo themselves COULD possibly be out of the music business by next year, bringing possibly all of MusicMatch Jukebox down with em… WOW!!! I miss MMJB. It was the Windows iTunes before Windows iTunes…

If Yahoo does abandon the service anyone wanna bet that we’ll atleast see “Yahoo! Rhapsody”? Or “Yahoo! Napster”? Or “Yahoo! MP3’s powered by Amazon”?

I think Yahoo will outsource and promote their services with someone else in the long run. The investment is too great to continue alone. With a partner it would be easier to co-exist financially. They probably should’ve done that to begin with, truth were known!

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