RE: i have an e 250

i have a sansa e250 and tried finding new drivers for it  on a windows 7 system and am having no luck … CAN anyone please help:robotmad:

The e250 does not require any drivers at all (its a standard USB MSC or MTP device), so there are none to download.

And if you mean “firmware”, you can find the latest update in the Firmware Thread. Note though, that there are 2 different hardware versions of this player (v1 &2), and subsequently 2 different firmware updates. There’s also a completely different “Rhapsody” model (designated with an “R” after the number).

Follow the instructions to first determine what version player you have, and then follow the manual installation instructions to install/update the firmware. Do not download or use the Updater. Note also that there are different f/w versions accordiing to the geograghical location you are in. Make sure to download the correct one.

I need a charger

Any AC/USB charger or a conmputer will work, but you MUST have the 30-pin connector cable (specific to the player) to plug into.