radio station for sansa fuze

Can anyone please help me figure out what radio station the fuze needs to be on in the car? Can’t find it…goin nuts!

Um, what?

Are you trying to use an FM transmitter connected to your Fuze to send the output to your car stereo? If so, the frequency you need to tune to is determined by the FM transmitter. You should see something on the transmitter with the frequency (a display or a switch). If you don’t see anything like that, the transmitter only works on one frequency, which should be given somewhere in the transmitter’s documentation.

Or do you have the headphone jack of the Fuze cabled directly to an input on the stereo? If so, you need to select “aux-in” or “line-in” on the stereo, not an FM frequency.

Or maybe “USB” if you’re using the USB cable to connect the two. I don’t know much about this type of in-car connection.

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I responded to your first post, also asking for clarification. Can you be more specific?

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