Possible to play Fuze+ over car speakers through car radio ?

Hello I am new to MP3 players.  My wife and I purchased a Sansa Fuze+ 8gb along with a car charger and a/c charger.  

What we would like to do is be able to play the music we have on our Sansa Fuze+ over our car speakers.  Is this possible ?  I did a quick google and something about a “radio / FM transmitter” came up but the Sandisk site doesn’t show such a thing for the Sansa Fuze+ in the “accessory” page on that site.

Any information on if this is possible, and if so how to go about making it word would be greatly appreciated.   

Any FM transmitter that has normal stereo inputs can be used. I, personally have an iriver AFT 100 Mobile FM transmiter in my FC (my other car already has an aux port in it). Just look for something to the affect of “Universal accessory for all digital audio players compatible with a 3.5-mm mini-jack.”

A couple of things to keep in mind however with any FM transmitters.

  1. Most FM transmitters are 12 Volt powered, so if you want to power both your player and transmitter you might need to invest in a splitter as well (yes they make those plugin ones just like they do for house current)

  2. Whenever you have devices plugged into your cars electrical that ultimately connect to your radio, you may get alternator whine on your audio. This is to say when your engine revs up you’ll hear a background whine. If you experience this you may just have to live with it. The solution is making sure all your engine grounds are good and sometimes installation of a ground-loop isolator, but in many cases it’s just two difficult to fix for a reasonable price as it may require a massive electrical fault hunt in the car.

  3. Depending on your location FM transmitters won’t work too well. I live in the downtown core of a metropolitan center. There simply are no free channels and even with my antenna disconnected I still have occasional break-ins from the radio cause the main antenna for everything in the area is nearby. (Interesting side note here, the Fuze+ seems to be less susceptible than the original Fuze to having closely tuned channels stepping on each other)

For what its worth, if a device has good power regulation, the alternator spinning up shouldn’t impact it at all.  Its mostly just cheap devices where this is a problem.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:   _ _I just looked on Amazon and this is what I came up with.    Will these two items work then ?



Both of those will do it. The Iriver is the best fm transmitter out there.

There are various sites that can tell you what the best stations to tune to in your area are.

The deciding factor in modern cars is where the receiving antenna is mounted.  Many vehicles use an amplified flexible antenna on the rooftop.  The latest trend is to integrate the receiving antenna into the windshield or rear window glass.

These antennas both pick up an FM modulator in the cockpit pretty well.  If you have reception difficulties, the modulator can be tuned to an open frequency.  Depending upon your location, this optimum frequency will vary, so it’s important to have a tunable modulator.

Be sure to set the volume on the Sansa to three-quarters or higher.

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I’m trying to find a charger/fm transmitter for the fuze+ like I had for my fuze, where you just plug it into the usb…not the usb & the earphone jack. Can anyone point me in the right dirrection?

The Fuze+ does not have a docking connection, like the earlier version does.  A power supply / FM modulator kit cannot access the audio signal directly through the micro USB port, it can only access the Fuze as a memory device.

The only solution, using the analog audio output, would have to connect to the headphone stereo jack. 

On the other side of teh coin, with a stereo unit that can read the files from the Fuze+, you could charge the device and read the digital files stored on it.  Most car stereo units would require that the music be stored in MSC mode in the root directory of the device, though some more advanced ones can handle the path to the music folder.

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Thanks so much for your help!