R211m Firmware Update for nVidia Chipset seems slower than before the update


Im using a Macbook Unibody Late 2009 and recently this year I upgraded from an HDD to a Sandisk Extreme SSD240G. The speeds are extremely fast with the standard firmware on the drive.

Next, I decided to do a fimware update to get 3gb negociated link speeds using the R211m firmware. Originally, with the nVidia chipset before the new firmware, the link speed was only 1.5gb yet it was still fast and showed no lagg so I wanted to see if it would get faster with 3gb link speeds.

Since the update, BlackMagic benchmark apps shows that  my read and write speeds have doubled. 

However from use and my owm comparison, I feel like there is a little lagg when I open my applicatioons. The updated SSD actually seems slower than what it was with the old firmware.

Even though the negociated link speeds went from 1.5gb to 3gb, there is a bit of lag and delay with the new update. 

Is there a reason for this? Will there be new updates? Thank You. 

you posted this 3 times. there is no need to post the exact same question everywhere in the forum. see your other posts for answers. 

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