Questions regarding Audio Books


I am about to buy a Sansa Express and would like to know if it supports Audio Books in “iPod format” aac and m4a (my friend got an nano and lots of books)? I noticed in an other thread about an application for tranfering Audible files from wich, if I’m not mistaken, is in aac format.

Is it possible to transfer local stored Audio Books in aac format to this player using a application so the player gets aware of thats an Audio Book and not regular mp3 music? Or is the “Audible Formats” only for online sites like

If I have one Audio Book in the player, downloaded from or transferd (if possible) to the Audio Books folder, and would like to listen to some music would the player remember my last position in the Audio Book when I return again?

Thanks in advanced!


apple’s itunes store uses .aac (mpeg 4 part 3), which a format the sansa express cant read, and it is encrypted using FairPlay Digital Rights Management. uses .aa, a format different from .aac

trivia: In 2003, Audible made an exclusive deal with Apple to provide their catalog of books on the iTunes Music Store.

Ok! Thanks for that information.