itunes audiobook

I want to know how to put audiobooks from itunes on my sansa fuse if its posable?

You need to look at the file extension after the . Bookchapter. mp3 , Bookchapter. m4a , etc. The iPod has some kinds of files (like m4a) that do not play on the Sansa. But mp3 plays everywhere, and there are programs like  

Media Coder (at ) that can convert .m4a to .mp3. 

But you’re not going to be able to do it through iTunes. iTunes syncs to iPods, not to Sansas.

You have to find the files and drag them onto the Sansa. If they are the right kind of files, it’s not a big deal. If they are the wrong kind of files, they need to be converted first. 

So…what kind of files are they? 

They could still have DRM, though much of the iTunes store is without that now. So before conversion you’d need to strip that.

I believe that will also do your conversion for you. The legality is iffy, but at least where I live there’s a decent provision for ‘personal use’ copying like this.

iTunes audiobooks are combined with the DRM protection. This makes it impossible to play elseswhere without the authorization of iTunes. Please just don’t worry. In this case, you can use the drm iTunes audiobook converter for mac to help you convert them to compatible MP3 format, then you will be able to enjoy on SanDisck. Hope this helps you well, my friends. 

Before playing iTunes audiobooks on Sansa, you should know that iTunes digital media files, including audiobooks are protected by digital management rights technology. Fortunately, one problem always comes with one answer. 

So does this one. To make it avaiable, you just need to use Mac Audio Converter to convert iTunes audiobooks to Sansa compatible format while removing DRM lock. It’s very easy to operate. You can try it to achieve your goal. 

If you meet some problems. please contact me and I will give some assistance for you. Try my best. 

Before playing iTunes audiobooks on your Sansa, you should make sure that your iTunes audiobooks are playable. Since all iTunes audiobooks are encoded in the format of M4B, you’re only allowed to listen to iTunes audiobooks within iTunes. To break this limitation, you can use an iTunes audiobook converter to remove DRM from iTunes first and then convert iTunes audiobooks to MP3. Now you can transfer your iTunes audiobook files to your Sansa for playing.