Mac User & Fuse

Wolfman77 wrote:

I have an iMac computer and was trying to load songs from my iTune library.  I dragged and dropped some songs into the music folder, but, when I tried to find them on my Fuse, just the pre-loaded songs were on the unit.  Help.


The iTunes songs are probably in the m4a format that belongs to Apple, which wants you to buy an iPod to play them. The Sansa does not play that format. It plays mp3, wma, ogg and FLAC.

You can convert m4a  to mp3 files with Media Coder.

 If you buy songs in the future, make sure you are buying mp3 files.

If you are ripping your own CDs into the iTunes library, make sure you are ripping them to mp3 and not m4a. You can do that by going to Edit/Preferences/Advanced/Importing and change it to MP3 Encoder and Higher Quality.

As long as you have the time, it’s better to rip CDs directly into mp3 than to convert them from m4a. Each conversion loses some of the sound quality.