Questions About The Clip Jam

I have a Sansa Clip and was going to buy one for my friend but the price on Amazon seems to have gone through the roof so I have been looking at getting her a Clip Jam I was wondering if someone could outline what the differences are?

For example:

What is the difference in the menu system? She uses my Clip and finds the menus easy to navigate is the Jam the same in that respect? Does the menu system have the same layout as the Clip? Are there any features added or removed?

What is the limit for the micro SD card? I ahve a 64gig card for the clip, takes a while to update when adding new songs after turning on but works fine. Can I add a 64gig card for the Jam? I ask as the Clip is supposed to have a max of 32gig.

Any other differences that I should bear in mind? She is not tech savvy but has no problem using my Clip, something she is rather proud of as she has no end of problems with the simplest piece of tech.

Thanks for any help given.