Question About Folders

I am looking at buying the Fuze because I understand that with the firmware upgrade, the Fuze can be used as a folder-based mp3 player. (These are becoming hard to find, but for my purposes, they just work better). My question is can I name the folders whatever I want and see those names on the Fuze? Example: Can I name a folder “Lectures” and have sub-folders of “Dr. Smith” “Dr. Jones” etc.? Or, a “Classical” folder with sub-folders of “Chamber” “Elgar Faves” etc?..and actually see these names on the Fuze?

Thanks so much for your help as I consider the Sansa Fuze to replace my not-enough-capacity Creative Muvo V-100 that’s worked flawlessly for three years.

My daughter has the Sansa e200 series player and while it doesn’t support folders, she likes it and finds the community here very helpful.

Thanks again…

The Fuze has a Folders viewing mode that shows folder names. You’d want to stick to short names, since names longer than screen width will go into scroll mode, but only after a pause. Long names also affect database storage capacity, possibly reducing number of songs allowed.