Question about car connectivity

Which FM tuner would you recommend? Also, does the Ipod and Fuze share the same USB to Proprietary Dock (spelling) Connectivity?

FM transmitters are generally regarded as a POS! Don’t waste your money.

And DO NOT EVER EVER EVER (did I say EVER?) attempt to plug anything designed for an I-pod into your Fuze’s bottom 30-pin connector port!!! Unless of course you got some x-tra cash lying around and you really WANT to buy another one! :stuck_out_tongue:

The plugs are similar and you can force it in, but the power is shunted through different pins and will fry your Fuze like an egg! :dizzy_face:

Yeah, I know they generally suck. I know someone with one lol. And I heard that it could damage your fuze, which is why I asked here. Thanks for the quick reply. I kind of hoped that the FM tuners might of improved. What other options do I have then?

The other day I experienced an in-car FM transmitter for the first time. On the hour trip out,  I was blaming the bad sound on my sister’s iPod(not out loud, of course) but on the way back, I tried my Fuze…just dreadful either way…granted, ten-year-old factory car speakers aren’t great, but still :cry:

The car in question is a 2002 Dodge Intrepid though.

The most you could hope for would be equal sound to the FM radio in the car, I think

Edit…the one I experienced was a Belkin, it was powered from the cigarette lighter, and the 3.5 plug just plugged into the headphone  jack…no worries of frying the Fuze

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How much was it?

I think, i’m not positive, that it was $50 or $60 when she got it, but that was last year. Sorry I can’t be more specific.

This is the one I’m considering.

The car has sirius satelite radio, if that matters. 

I don’t know if the sirius matters or not, never had a car with it. So I have no idea how it integrates with the factory radio. I would recommend investigating how these devices would co-exist first ,and if you choose to buy that unit, look for it elsewhere, you might find it cheaper elsewhere. The Griffin brand is pretty well-regarded, from what I understand.

Alright, I’ll try to figure out more about it.

They’re really not THAT bad. 

Like others have said, never ever try to plug your Fuze into something made for an iPod.  Even though you can get it to fit, it will not work since the pin configuration is different (and can destroy your Fuze since the power connection is not the same).

With that being said, depending on the vehicle you have you might get it to work just fine or maybe not.  The best sound quality you can expect out of those FM transmiters is radio quality.  So if you’re alright with listening to the radio then it shouldn’t bother you too much.  

But for some reason the quality changes A LOT depending on the vehicle.  My current car is a 1999 Dodge Stratus (I’m a poor University student, that’s all I can get) and the sound quality comes out to be pretty bad.  I get a lot of static and background noise when I use it.  I’m not sure why the quality is so bad.

But when I use it in my father’s truck (2001 GMC Sierra) it works just fine!  No static or background noise at all.  I have not tried it in other vehicles.

I have no idea why it sounds so bad in my car but works fine in the truck.