Purchase recommendation

My older basic sans clip keeps showing “low battery” and won’t seem to take a charge. 

I’m thinking it might be time for a new one.

I liked my basic sans clip just fine.  My only needs are to listen to a bit of music or an audio book while exercising.  

My only complaint w/ mine was that it is hard to see in the sunlight.  I would extremely like to be able to see the text better.

What would you recommend?

Thank You for any and all input!


But you’ll have the same issue with seeing the screen in bright sunlight. That’s just the nature of OLED screens, or even LCD screens for that matter.

Thanks for your reply.   Is there any kind of v1. or v2.etc. that matters about anything? I’m obviously not very high tech.

If you get a Clip Zip and Rockbox it, then you could choose to have the display as large white letters on a black background using the runner theme. That is what I have. The display on the Clip zip is larger than the Clip+ display even though the players are very close in size. Rockbox is a free alternative operating system for the player that lets you choose from around 60 themes for how the display appears(what is displayed and how large each item is), and gives many more features and settings than the original firmware. The main drawback to Rockbox is that putting it on a player might make it permanently unable to play protected files. www.Rockbox.org

LOL! What do I get by recommending Rockbox which is free???

Some sort of self-gratification, I can only assume.

Rockbox isn’t the silver bullet, magic bean or be-all and end-all to everybody’s wants or needs in an mp3 player. Yes, it has its uses and benefits, but there’s really no need to include raving about it (now that you finally converted after how many years now?) in the majority of your posts.

Frankly, it gets a bit monotonous and irritating after a while. :wink: