problems with everything

ok,i received it yesterday and I can’t return it since it’ll cost more to ship it back than the player (bought from the other side of the world) . Let’s pretend it’s not the worst product I’ve ever had.

-1 some FLACs crash the player with reboots  I have no idea why.

-2 I set the time, I listen to music, I turn it off. Next time I start it the time goes back to where I set it. Way to go Sandisk.

-3 I have 2000 songs when I want to play a song that starts with S in “songs” it takes me around 3 minutes to scroll all the songs the fastest way possible, what the hell is this?

-4 the touchpad is a complete joke, the interface too which is not that reponsive.

Do you have a solution for at least one of the problems?

3a.  When scrolling.  Swipe several times without waiting for the display to stop moving.  I tend to get hung on a file when moving too slow.

4.a.  I have found that my finger sometimes does not have the heat needed to drive.  I rub my finger on my pants to get the temp up.  I have this same problem with Red Box Rental displays.  I say this to point out the problem may be with us on this type of finger touch units.

Sadly many of us are stuck with ca$h trapped in an unusable unsellable device. 

There is no way out unless the Rockbox team comes through. 

3, I understand but its still slow, it should let either decide what letter to start from or go faster like x10 faster, not that it takes 20 seconds to pass the current letter…now imagine that when you have to go to the 10th letter

4, the system is jsut cheap. this looks like a product that should have been released 7 y ago

  1. I requested a press and hold function that would help with books with a large number of files. I have one book with 260 files and another with book with 926.  I do not think I will ever be able to get to the bottom of the second book until the Fuse+ has better book marks. I was just trying to confirm that my request did not get added on the last update.  This upgrade has not been added.  I tried to fast finger motion I mentioned before .  I got stuck ever 15 files.   This was far harder than I remembered.  I warmed up my finger on my pants and the speed greatly improved.   I still do understand your frustration. 

  2. Having killed one of the older Fuse units over a stuck stuck wheel, I have some hope that the new units will not have this problems.  If both controls were expected to die in 18 months I would gladly take the wheel. If one of the 6 units I purchased die (ever) over a failure in the control panel I will feel robbed.  

I would have to agree that these units are low cost.  I purchased my last two 8gb units for $39.  If there is another book reader that compared in MP3 readers for twice the price I would try it.    

All of these problems are easilly fixed.  Remove your 32 Gig add on card, put it in your camera and take a lot of 8 megapixel pictures.  Delete the junk from your 2,000 + songs and get down to the 150 that really matter to you.  Put the 32 gig SDcard with the pictures in and scroll pictures, shooting over to the songlist to navigate through the 150 tunes on your delightfully responsive Sansa Fuze+ user interface and shoot back like lightning to the picture show. 

See my friends, it’s all about perception… no capacity issues there!

lol you’re joking right?

Joking… absolutely not!!!

If you dedicate 90% of your storate to 8 megapixel pictures, I guarantee that your Sansa user interface will scream through your 150 songs and navigation by song will be sweet indeed.

I wasn’t wrong when I asked if this product was even tested before release. I’m just encountered problems besides the well known sluggishness .

Today after days of strange behavior and doubts and I found out that if in Sleep option if you select 30 or 45 minutes the player shuts down after 15 minutes. 60m is working correctly. I reported this bug to the support

The real question should be:  “is there anything in this player that actually works…”.  

I haven’t found it.

The equilizer works!