Sandisk, Please Fix the Express!!!!

Who agrees that this device is buggy?

Sandisk, please fix it. It has so much potential.

What problems are you having with it exactly? You should elaborate or nothing’s ever going to get fixed.

I personally need to clean up the firmware, maybe have it boot faster and definitly need to put in some sort of folder browsing system or at the very least be able to skip down the list quicker. I like to play all my music at once on shuffle and if there’s one I want to hear I’ll have to go to Songs to have it continue playing all, but it takes freaking forever to find what I want because there’s like 700 songs and no way to scroll quickly. And if I use the Album or Artist view it won’t go back to playing all. Then there’s the issue of resetting it, and when you come back to it, if you had it on shuffle while playing all, it won’t actually shuffle. You need to turn shuffle off then on again, and this freezes the player for a good 10-20 seconds. I have more gripes, but can’t remember right now. Overall its a good player, but these little annoyances are starting to add up.

I was referring to the many problems on this forum. Adding them all together shows that this device has a wide range of issues.

Hm then I’d totally have to agree. I really like the little thing, and I think it’d be perfect if it weren’t for all these little oversights.