Problems with cards on a Datavideo dn-60 recorder

I have 2 Datavideo DN-60 solid state video recorders, 6 compact flash Sandisk Ultra 50Mb/s, five with 32Gb and one with 16Gb, only 1 of these 6 cards works correctly on the recorders, one with 32gb capacity, on the others the recordings stopped randomly.

I have also a unknown branded 16 Gb card, and this card also work correctly on the recorders.

The card that work, the serilal number begin with BM1410xxxxx, on the others the serial number begin with BM 1607xxxxxx, BM1609xxxx, BM1708xxxx
I Suspect that the first two digits on the serial number indicate the manufacture year. Has changed on the manufacture of this cards something from 2014 until 2016 or 2017 that causes those problems?

Hi do you still have the datavideo dn60? I would be interested in buying if so. Email me: