Problem with SanDisk Ultra Compact Flash


I work for a manufacturer and we have been sucessfully using the SanDisk Ultra II (2GB and 1GB) cards for data storage in a couple of our products for several years.  (Using software purchased from SanDisk)

Unfortunately,  our instruments are unable to work with the new Ultra Cards or the latest version of the Ultra II cards (the ones that don’t have the red wave on the bottom and the silver wave at the top of the front label).   We are seeing frequent, intermittent failures especially during file delete operations and to a lesser degree file write operations. 

Does anyone know what has changed or if there is something that we can do to allow these new cards to work identically to the older Ultra II cards?  


for your application you should be using OEM cards not retail products. I would suggest looking at sandisk OEM line of products. 

to answer your question yes, the technology inside the cards change quite often. retil part do not get provided with change documentation where OEM card do. 

Thank you very much for your response! It is much appreciated.

I looked into your OEM compact flash products.

Are part numbers for your OEM cards listed anywhere on the web site?  Also, I have contacted the distributors shown on this web site’s list and no one seems to be stocking these cards.   

Do you know of anywhere that I can make an immediate purchase?  We have an immediate need for 100 cards for testing purposes.

Thank you again.