Problem uploading files with password security on


I have a 32gb sandisk wireless stick and i can’t upload or save any file when i enable the wifi sercurity password, i can only upload or save files with no password enable, witch gives me a security problem when i’m in public places.

i’m usig an Iphone 6S 16Gb with IOS 10.

Any suggestion??


iOS 10 is in beta and from what I understand is not officially supported by the sandisk app. That said I had iOS 10 for a while and was not seeing similar issues. 

When you have wifi security enabled are you able to connect to the wireless stick?

If so do you get any error when transferring files?

How are you doing the transfer? Camera sync or manual transfer?

What type of files are you transferring? Pictures? videos? files from other apps?

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The upload is manual, and only photos from the câmera roll. And every thing works perfect if the password is not set… it does not give any error, it starts to uplod and just keeps trying but does not upload. You can wait 10 or 15 minuts and it does not upload. If you turn the password of, it uploads imediatly.
Don’t understand.

that is strange. Did it ever work with security on?

I would start by trying a hardware rest of the wireless stick. This will clear the drive name and password. Once that is done reconfigure the security and see if there is any change in the behavior. 

Hard reset instructions

Allready done that but nothing happnes. I just bought the pen today. The curios thing is that i have total acess to all the files, i can listen to music in the iphone, i only can not upload files. The only WAY to upload files is to turn the password of, then upload the files. Other curiosity is that it does not give any specific error, when try to upload the files with pass on, it starts to upload the files, but then it continuos trying for a lot lot time with no kind of response. Very strange. I don’t know if it’s the pen or the iOS 10, i must try with a iphone with the iOS 9 to verify

Here are an image

in one, you can see the app trying to upload a photo from the iphone to the pen, with pass on, it just stays like that and does not upload the images.

It could be iOS 10. Let us know if you see similar issues under iOS 9.