Password Setting

I have tried numerous times to set a password for my new SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick using the Connect Drive App on my Nexus 9 but to no avail.  I enter the password twice, click OK and turn off the Connect Stick and exit the App.  I turn on the Connect Stick, turn on the App and ask to connect to the Drive.  It always connects directly without requesting a password.  I really want a protected Stick.  What can I do???

Try a hard reset of the wireless stick. Hardreset will clear the network name and password. After that is done try reconfiguring the password 

I tried the hard reset but no luck!  When it says it`s enabling the security it loses its connection to a network and then just tries to start all over again.

are you using any special characters or non English double-byte characters in the password? If so try something simple and see if anything will work. I have seen other products that have issues with some special characters in the password. 

Thanks for your continued help but I still can’t get a registered password.  After I click OK to save the password, even a simple one, I get the response that it is enabling the security but then it loses network connection and eventually returns to the beginning to start all over, even after I have turned off the Sandisk Connect Stick and turned it back on again.  I am never asked for a password to start using the stick.  I can just go right into the photos, documents, etc. 

the password is only the wifi networks password. the actual access to the drive is not password protected. if you connect to the network using the password there is no other password to access the data. just to be clear are you referring to being able to connect to the network with no password after it is set? or are you referring to no password to access the data on the drive after the password is set to the wireless sticks wifi network? 

I was away for a while so only responding now but do appreciate the help you offer.  Yes, I was looking for a USB Stick that was password protected so that no one else could access the stick itself.  Sandisk’s description seemed to indicate to me that I could password protect the stick itself to prevent access to any of the info on it.  Looks like I have to store everything precious in the secure access vault which means that I will only have access to that if I can hook up with a pc with windows on it.  There appears to be no way to access the vault on my nexus 9. Is there any vault that can be installed on the connect stick that will be protected and still available on my android tablet???

no the wireless stick app does not support secure access. 

OK.  Thanks for all your help.