Unable to connect

“Unable to join the network”  is all I can see when trying to access my Sandisk wireless flash drive.  I am not able to access it through my phone or ipad.  I have accessed it from the computerand tried reformatting, no success. Any suggestions?

did you set any password or chage the network name? if so are you entering the correct password?

I would try a hard reset. This will reset any network password and network names. Once that is done see if you can connect to the default network name with no password. if that works you can reset up the password and network name if needed. 


To reset settings to factory default values:

  1. Turn the Wireless Stick off
  2. Press and hold the power button down for about 15 seconds
  3. The LED will flash red and green and when the reset is finished the LED will turn white again  

Once the factory reset has been performed the device name, password, power save timer, and Internet Connectivity settings will all be_reset_ to default values.  

NOTE: This reset will not change the firmware version.