problem loading music

I connect the device and my computer recognizes it. When I try to copy songs to the device I get a message saying the device is disconnected even

though I still see it. I can create and rename folders on the device so I know it is still connected. I can sync the device successfully using WMplayer v11.

I am running Windows XP SP2. I can copy files successfully on another computer that is running windows xp.

Any idea what is not set correctly on the copmputer that will not copy files??

I am having the exact same problem that you are. Did you ever get it to work out? I’ve contacted customer support but have yet to gain a reply…

Are you trying to copy files in MSC mode while the player is actually in MTP mode? Or vice-versa? If you have a v2 unit, go to SETTINGS > USB mode and set it for the correct mode, not AUTO DEFECT (intentionally mis-spelled).

If this is not it, then try checking Device Manager in Windows. If it shows as enabled, try dis-enabling it or deleting it. Re-boot your computer, turn on your Sansa & after it is powered on, plug in the USB cable. This should force Windows to “find the new hardware” and load the correct MTP drivers.

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v2 Unit?  We are talking about a Clip right and not the e200 or c200…right?

:dizzy_face: Ooops! My bad! Yes, I forgot where I was. Only the e200 series players have v1 & v2 units. The Clips are ALL essentially the same as v2’s.

Thanks for the heads-up, Reboot, I’ve corrected my previous post.