print song list

Anyone know how to print the song list? I have a sansa 250 and use Microsoft media player. Thanks.

There is an Excel add-on that allows you to print songlists from WMPlayer. If you Google the two, you can probably find it. I downloaded it ions ago and don’t remember where I got it.

I have a Stone Age solution to this. I put the tracks into a playlist in Windows Media Player. Right-click the playlist and choose “Open File Location” (or something like that). Windows Explorer will open to the WMP playlists. Right-click the playlist and choose Open With + Notepad. Then I copy and paste the songs into a document that I can edit and print. Cumbersome and unsophisticated, but it works for my purposes.

Here’s a method I’ve used for a couple of years that works great, and I have several playlists of over 500 songs each.  Morrisoft makes a “free” plugin for Windows Media Player called “Playlist Copier” that puts your playlist on the clipboard so you can paste it into your word processor, etc. It’s flexible on what fields, etc. to copy.  Check it out at