pre-loaded songs

Accidently lost pre-loaded songs on new Clip Sport and don’t know titles to replace them.  Anyone know what they are?

Simply a few complimentary songs.  Although it’s always nice to have them, I’m sure that you can find other songs to fill your Sport.   :wink:

Thanks for the answer.  I just hadn’t heard them before and didn’t recognize the artists and I really liked them.

Try (artist, album, song(s)):

– Because It’s Tuesday, Because It’s Tuesday, Hold On

– Emcee T, Yay Area Slapz Vol. 1 and 2: Bay Area Hip-Hop Beats, The Clap Song (Instrumental); Steady Focused (Instrumental)

– Joshua Walti, Cydonia and Beyond, Reducto Ad Absurdum

– Michael McEachern, Easier As Us (single)

– Rite of Passage, ROP Sampler, Get It Right

– Slap Stick, Where we belong to …, Heartbreakin’ blues

– Tunguska Electronic Music, Tunguska Chillout Grooves Vol. 2011, Aquascape Sunrise

Hope this helps–