Existing MP3s & Podcasts On The Sport?

Just picked up a 4GB model from Best Buy and updated to the latest software (1.18) using the updater.  I noticed several existing MP3s and podcasts on the unit when I went to transfer my music collection to it.  “01 - Michael McEachern - Easier As Us”, “EmceeT-YayAreaSlapzVol1-03-TheClapSong”, Tunguska_Electronic_Music_Society_-_Aquascape_-_Sunrise", EarthSky podcasts, etc.  Is this normal or have I purchased a used player?

that is the preloaded sample tracks. they come on every clip sport.

All Sansa players come with pre-loaded sample music for that “instant gratification” factor. :smiley:

Thanks. The randomly formated titles had me concerned. Great little player in testing. We’ll see how it holds up in use. :slight_smile: