Possible future updates?

I absolutely love my Sansa Fuze, however i do feel that to make it a truely awesome player, there needs to be some improvement. Just wondering if anyone knows what updates they are going to release in the future (or if there is somewhere where you can voice your opinions on their products etc)

The only real thing I would personally like for them to add is the ablity to design, or at least install custom themes. Even being allowed to change the icons would be a massive improvement. I think the fact that the interface looks a bit clunky and cheap is a real turn-off for alot of people. And that if they changed this, the Fuze would be a real iPod killer.

Anyway, any info whatsoever would be great.

P.S sorry if this has already been asked and talked about extensively!  

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This has been discussed and discussed since this player was released. I havent heard anybody claim that they thought the display looked bad, but rather that they just wanted to be able to customize what they got. There has been nothing really confirmed in terms of GUI, but we have heard there will be an adjustment to ogg support, and for V2 owners threr should be a fix for the playback issue. With terms of the release date, all we knoew is that its due before the end of march.