Please add option "navigation through folders"

I am very sorry that Sansa Fuze+ does not support the option “navigation through folders”.
At one time it was bought 3 Sansa Fuze to listen the binaural programs.
Please add this option in the next Sansa Fuze+ Firmware Release.
Sincerely, Ivan Kaplya.

I think they promised that it would be added in the next version. Of course, I’m pretty sure that was two or three versions ago.

It’s time for Sansa to put up.  The Fuze+ is absolutely unusable with large collections without folder based play or a complete rewrite of the buggy firmware which becomes unresponsvile with large collections.  I put nearly 48 gig on (16 internal and 32 sd card) and that’s the reason that I bought it.  I paid $175 for a Sandisk Sansa 16 gig Fuze + and a Sandisk 32 gig sd card.  It is completely non functional when over half full. 

By definition I am one of Sansa’s best Fuze+ customers, and not just because I spent the most $$$$ possible for this device both in capacity of the device and the add on card… no.  It is also because I have been talking up Sansa for YEARS to friends as a much higher quality and more affordable alternative to the iPod.  But oh how that has changed.

How can I have this 48 Gig Fuze+ since the the week that it came out and still have a completely unusable device?  It borders on the ridiculous.  Folder based play is nowhere near as cool as what the Sansa product managers seem to think the market wants, but folder based play actually works for the capacities that are available on this device.  Or just give me my $175 back or move the development team onshore to get the cooller firmware right… I could care less which solution is offered, so long as we wind up getting something minimally usable for the money. 

see the problem is that we’re not talking about the simple problems every product in the world might have, like that thing is buggy, that thing is not how i thought, its just the product becomeS unusable as IN A DRAWER NOT USED!

Exactly.  This is not a lock switch tweak, some goofy volume jump with replay gain or getting picking about the name of books vs. podcasts. 

We are talking about the lack of the essential usability of a product when loaded to it’s “rated” capacity.  Without fixes it’s less functional than the cassette tape that I removed from the cassette box that I keep it in.  Folder based play is a WAY OUT for Sansa to quickly save face with this product.  It’s not sexy, but it WORKS.

Just a loyal (possibly ex) customer here… trying hard to get anything for his money.  No need for anyone to pay attention!

I want folder navigation too, fuze+ is unusable without it to find mp3 without correct id3tag !

please hurry up with it !

Fuze+ does not support the option "navigation through folders… :( 

Yes.  I need Folder Navigation as well on the Sansa Fuze+  Fuze Plus.  I am primarily an Audiobook user.   

This is a serious, and significant issue for me.  There was some folder navigation on the older Sansa Fuze, and it is really needed on the Fuze+.  I would also love an option to flat out turn OFF all the features related to mp3 id3tags, and go strickly with Folder based navigation.  

I would  suggest that SanDisk – just start working with the Rockbox developers.

I am going to be trying Rockbox on this player – other than that this Sanza Fuze+ goes into a drawer – until it can navigate through FOLDERS.