Playlixst Help (i know there are a lot of these topics!!!!)

OK, first, I know how many playlist topics there are, but I couldn’t find help to this!

A week ago or so, I started using playlists, and I made an m3u file from scratch, and it worked.

I stopped that, and used the go list for a while, but after a few days, I wanted to use playlists again because the go list only holds 50 songs.

I made a playlist in Media Monkey, added #EXTM3U, and took out the …

So now I have


MUSIC\Flobots\Fight With Tools\Handlebars.mp3

On the Sansa, I see the song, but if I try to play it, it doesn’t do anything! Why is this!?

EDIT: Oh, yeah, I’ve always been in MSC mode

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Just delete the “MUSIC” and make sure the .m3u file is in the “MUSIC” directory (relative paths and all that).

Or, assuming the above path is correct, put the m3u in the root.

The path was correct, and I was in the root…

I fixed it, I just changed an option in Media Monkey to not encode playlists in UTF-8


@afmrick: I know, I think they should change that so that it’s not relative…

@Skinjob: You helped me in both forums! :smileyvery-happy:

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