Media Monkey and Playlists with Fuse

I’ve been trying to get my son’s new Fuse up and working with Media Monkey (in MSC mode) and all seems to be going great except for playlists.  I’ve tried everything I can think of to get them to work, but on the Fuse the playlists all show as empty. 

  If I browse to them (via USB) everything looks fine.For example, the playlistlists look like:

\Music\John Williams\Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban\Quidditch, Third Year.mp3

and browsing the device, the songs are there as listed… So what am I missing?

the problem is with mediamonkey.

two things. 1) mediamonkey places the playlist in the wrong destination and points to wrong destination. 2) mediamonkey does not add “#EXTM3U” that helps identify the file as m3u list.

To fix this problem, you’ll have to move the m3u playlist out of the playlist folder and into the root folder. then you will need to open with notepad and add “#EXTM3U” at the very top.  Then you will need to choose Edit > Replace and fill the follow fields as so:

Find What: \Music\

Replace With:  Music\

Pretty much you will be taking out the first “” from each line so that it can point to the right folder. Because backtracking doesn’t work with the Sansa Firmware, this is necessary step to get the playlist working. 

post back if you need more help. I can post guided pictures.

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Thanks for the help - we’re making some proorgress.  The songs showup in the playlists now, but when I sekect them, they just scroll horizontally instead of playing. 

My file format looks like this now:

Music\Men at Work\Contraband - The Best Of Men A\Who Can It Be Now.mp3
Music\Men at Work\Contraband - The Best Of Men A\Down Under.mp3

and the files (for example  Noah’s Music.m3u ) are in the root folder…

Any more hints?

if the music is in the same directory as the m3u, than you need to remove the folder paths in the m3u since there are no folders to track through.

Who Can It Be Now.mp3
Down Under.mp3

incidently if you have mix say the first song is in a folder and the second song is in root, the paths have to reflect correctly for each song pointed to:

Music\Men at Work\Contraband - The Best Of Men A\Who Can It Be Now.mp3
Down Under.mp3